Salt isn’t just for your food. Yes, many people use it to flavor their dinner, but there are plenty ways that salt can come to help you. Salt comes in very handy for a bunch of reasons.

1. Clean Up Egg
You can pour salt over a dropped egg on the floor, and after a while, you can clean it right up. No mess whatsoever.

2. Remove Stains
Remove stains easier from hankies after soaking them in some water sprinkled with salt.

3. Keep Ants Out
Keep those pesky ants away from your counters or shelves by scatter some salt on them.

4. Descale Fish
Descaling a fish is easier if you soak the fish in salt water.

5. Easy Shaker
The saltshaker will let your salt fall easier, if you put a few grains of rice in it.

6. Green Salad
Green salads can be stopped from wilting by adding salt to them.

7. Test Eggs
With a glass of water test to see if fresh eggs are as fresh as they are advertised. Place in a cup of salt water and if they sink, they’re ok, if they float, trash them.

8. Boil In Shell
Keep eggs in their shells when boiling, by adding some salt to your water.

9. Fluff Eggs
Fluff-up your egg whites with a tiny pinch of salt when beating up.

10. Smooth Apples
Remove wrinkles from your apples by soaking them in a mildly salted water solution.

11. Stick Free Pancakes
Don’t ever have your pancakes stuck again on the griddle with rubbing some salt on it first.

12. Treat Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes will last longer if you soak them, before using for the first time, in some salt water.

13. Clean Coffee Pot
Cleaning your discolored coffee pot is so easy when sprinkling some salt.

14. Whiten Bathroom
Whiten your bathroom by mixing salt with turpentine in a special formula to use when cleaning the toilet bowl or bathtub.


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